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Care for Your Eyelash Extensions

At, we believe in helping you understand how to care for your lashes at home. Proper care for your eyelashes will keep your eyes and natural lashes healthy, allowing you to wear your extensions longer.

When you have new eyelash extensions applied, you should take care to wash them for the first two days, especially on the night after they have been applied. A thorough washing of your lashes will remove any remains of the lash adhesive.

  • Apply foaming lash shampoo mix to your lashes

  • Use gentle upward strokes on your lashes

  • Rinse well with tepid water

  • Carefully squeegee off excess water using your fingertips (especially following swimming)

  • Dry your lashes carefully, ideally using a blow dryer set on cool setting (do not use a towel, cotton tips, or pads)

  • Groom your lashes with mascara wand

  • Support underneath your lashes while combing through

While wearing eyelash extensions, it is very important that you keep your lashes and area around the eyes clean. Failure to do so can lead to irritation and possible infection and damages to your natural lashes. Ask us for more details about the best lash care routines.

Lash care for the first two days

Daily eyelash care

Wash your lashes regularly

Health and Beauty of your Lashes is our

# 1 Care!

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